UNP Holds MoU Signing with Telkom University

Padang—In order to improve the quality of Higher Education Tridharma, today Friday (5/2/2021) Padang State University (UNP) held an MoU signing with Telkom University (Tel-U) located in the Rector's Courtroom, 4th Floor, Rectorate Building and Research Center which was held online through zoom meeting application. This activity was attended by Rector, Vice Rector, Dean, Head of Institution, Director of Postgraduate and Bureau Head.

On this occasion, the Rector of UNP, expressed his appreciation to the Rector of Telkom University with the rapid development of Telkom University. Hopefully the power in Telkom University hopefully we can take advantage, especially in terms of resource sharing related to the development of quality improvement Tridharma universities, because each university has its own advantages and characteristics.

"With the existing strengths in each university can accelerate the process of improving the quality of high-abortion Tridhrama in these two universities. We are very welcome and thank you, related to the Kemendikbud program related to Merdeka Belajar and Kampus Merdeka Belajar, of course this cooperation is also supported by the government, because indeed we are expected to establish cooperation not only nationally but also internationally" said, Rector of UNP. Furthermore, Prof. Ganefri said that UNP is currently preparing a Blueprint for smart campus, we believe Telkom University has many experts in the field of IT who can help UNP in IT development in UNP.

In this activity, Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya, S.Si., M.Si said that this cooperation is one form of silahturahmi, but more than that, this cooperation is one form of our contribution as a higher education institution. Nowadays, the task of every university is not only to score superior human resources for Indonesia, but furthermore we will show our contribution to realize Indonesia in the framework of technological independence. In addition, this cooperation will not only be written in the form of MoU and will appear more detailed and implementative cooperation so that the contribution can be felt for us together. Telkom University Rector welcomes this cooperation, because we are both a cluster of Telkom University is a cluster with UNP both in cluster II and currently Telkom University 3 years in a row received an award as a campus with the best campus management. Hopefully these productive cooperations can also be useful for the nation. (PUBLIC RELATIONS UNP).

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