Prime, Competency Test at LSP Padang State University

Institute of Professional Sertifika (LSP) Padang State University began to be pioneered from 2017. First Party LSP known as LSP P1 serves as an institution that ensures competence by providing Vocational Education or employment based on qualifications or expertise. In this education system there are training institutions that prepare individuals to have competencies in accordance with the qualifications or skills and competencies are ensured by the competency test conducted by LSP P1.

The long process that has been passed by LSP UNP led by Drs. Aslimeri, MT is fully supported by rector, Prof. Ganefri, Ph.D and the ranks and deans of every faculty in UNP. LSP P1 UNP already has assessors and schemes that have been submitted to BNSP. For now, there are 4 schemes that already have a License from BNSP, among others: road cost estimator occupancy certification scheme, young network administrator occupational certification scheme, environment supervisor occupational certification scheme in mineral and coal mining and occupational certification scheme welding practitioner/foreman.

Before obtaining a license from BNSP, LSP P1 UNP conducted a witness competency test witness witnessed directly by assessors from BNSP. On October 18, 2020, 2 assessors from BNSP namely Dra. Nurmaningsih, MBA and Sugiarto, S.IP, MM visited the field to witness the competency test in each tuk scheme in LSP P1 UNP. After obtaining recognition from BNSP assessors, these four schemes have obtained a license certificate from BNSP.

The first competency test was conducted on 21, 22, 28 and 29 November 2020 with 76 participants. For the estimator scheme the cost of the road is 13 people, the network administrator scheme is 34 people, the environment supervisor scheme on mineral and coal mining is 17 people and the occupational certification scheme is 12 people. Most of the participants come from UNP students who will be at graduation in December and there are also UNP alumni. The LSP P1 UNP agenda during 2021 include assessor training, the second competency test at the end of February, scheme training and assessor competency training. Chairman of LSP P1 UNP, Drs. Aslimeri, MT targets for each department in UNP has 2 or 3 competency schemes that have been licensed by BNSP.

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