UNP as one of the higher education duties and main functions is to carry out the Tridharma of Higher Education, namely Teaching Education, Research and Community Service. For research and community service activities, the source of funds comes from non-tax state revenue budget (PNBP) and DRPM funds. As a Public Service Agency (SK Kemenkeu RI No:335/KMK.05/2015), UNP is obliged to budget research and community service funds as much as 15% of pnbp funds. Figure 1. show the amount of research funds obtained by FT UNP lecturers from 2014 to 2018 both from PNBP funds and DRPM funds.

Figure 1. Amount of research funding achieved by FT UNP lecturers

The number of studies conducted by DRPM from 2014 was 5 titles to 93 titles in 2015 and to 121 titles in 2016. But in 2017 and 2018 the number of studies decreased. This decrease is due to the tighter requirements of researchers, changes in the scheme and changes of IT systems in DRPM. For five years, the average number of studies achieved through PNBP and DRPM funds were 222.6 and 77.8 titles respectively. On the other hand, a large amount of PNBP funds were used to finance 300 research titles in 2017 and 372 researches in 2018. The distribution of UNP research titles from 2014 to 2018 is shown in Figure 2 as below;

Picture 2. Number of research titles achieved by FT UNP lecturers

Another important indicator of outside quality is how much ft UNP lecturer publications are indexed by reputable indexing institutions. One of the commonly used indicators is the document indexed by a reputable acidator (scopus). Figure 3. displays a graph of the number of documents produced by FT UNP lecturers indexed by scopus. In Figure 3, it appears that the number of indexed documents in the reputable indexer is still low. Compared to the number of FT UNP lecturers currently as many as 1,226 people, the number of documents is very low. Based on this data, if it is assumed that one lecturer writes one document then only 30.01% of people are actively writing. But the development of the number of articles starting from 2017 has shown a fairly good development where at the beginning of 2019 the number of documents indexed scopus has reached 350.

Fig. 3. Number of FT UNP documents indexed scopus

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